Parish Membership & Evangelism

     Grace communicates well to members through our emailed monthly newsletter, The Good News, and through our weekly email, Grace Notes.  Through the newsletter, committees share news of upcoming events as well as recapping events that have occurred, often with photos.  The weekly email serves as a reminder of upcoming dates and times of meetings and gatherings.  Pressing prayer requests are often included as well.


     Grace primarily communicates with the greater community through use of our lighted sign along our frontage road.  This is updated regularly with announcements of special worship services or other events of interest.  “All are welcome” is our standard message.  Grace members also don royal blue Grace polo shirts when serving together in the community.


    The Newcomer’s Committee is a relatively new and enthusiastic group.  This was created after attending a presentation of Invite, Welcome, Connect.  The Committee is developing a protocol to coordinate existing efforts, along with the new concepts learned, with the goal of better incorporation.