Grace Episcopal’s Sunday 9:30 am liturgy is the core of who we are as a faith community.  We have a blended service of contemporary and traditional music.  Our regular instruments are keyboard, guitars and flute, but we also have guest instrumentalists on occasion.  Because we value liturgical music, we have great vocal participation.  Our community is blessed to have an amazing music director.


We find Rite II as most fitting for us.  We use a screen to follow the liturgy and music, but hymnals and the prayer books are available.  Parishioners are fully involved in the liturgy, including making bread for communion.


In past years, we have had an Epiphany liturgy at a parishioner’s home followed by a pitch-in supper.  We have also, on occasion, had outside liturgies either on our grounds or at a park.  During Advent and Lent, we have had a weekly simple meal of soup and bread followed by the singing of Holden Prayer in the sanctuary.  Participation in Holden Prayer is significant.  We have extensive and varied Holy Week services.


Our community environment for liturgy is both relaxed and welcoming.  We are open to liturgical change.  For instance, our Holy Saturday Easter Vigil has changed each year.

The pictures from our worship services date from 2019 and before. We look forward to a full return to activities in the future, and are grateful that we are continuing to include all people safely in our worship in person and online.